Thursday, September 5, 2013

Protect your skin from pre-mature aging, wrinkles, & excessive sun damage!

Hi beauties,

lets get serious here...when we take off all our makeup & look into the mirror what do we see? healthy beautiful skin or damaged & dull skin? Bottom line whether you've baked your skin in the sun or you're trying your hardest to keep your skin beautiful & healthy looking you should ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Here's a very sad but awakening picture to make you realize how critical it is to wear sunscreen all the time..

This unidentified 69-year-old trucker (pictured above) who has been on the road for 28 years has accumulated lots of exposure to ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation. 
The right side of his face had been protected from being inside the truck, away from the direct sunlight. He also experienced extensive skin thickening and sagging due to the destruction of the elastic fibers on one side of his face. It's no secret that lots of sun damages the skin. Too much ultraviolet radiation from the sun has been tied to premature aging, more wrinkles and a raised risk for potentially deadly skin cancer.

My absolute favorite sunscreen is by Aveeno. Unlike other sunscreens which feel heavy & oily on your skin Aveeno's Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate Lotion SPF 70 leaves your skin feeling smooth & glowing. I bought my sunscreen at CVS. Go get yours now! Taking care of your skin will prevent skin cancer, pre-mature aging, wrinkles, sagging and a lot more. 

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