Friday, September 13, 2013

Olay Total Effects 7 in One Foaming Cleanser- Amazing!

Hi beauties, I hope you're all having a wonderful day! So the other day I stopped by at CVS because I was running out of facial cleanser. I decided to try something new & I spotted this cleanser by Olay that won me over. It's called "Olay Total Effects 7 in one revitalizing foaming cleanser" "Total Effects Provides 7 Benefits: Deep cleansing, skin rejuvenation, fine line appearance reduction, pore appearance refinement, nourishing moisture, healthy- looking radiance, and skin softness" It really does what it says! First of all, it has an amazing smell to it. Second, my skin does not feel tight. It still keeps my skin moisturized and glowing. A little goes a long way! I love it so much I bought a second tube of it. Sometimes with other cleansers my skin would almost feel dry and tight. But this cleanser is amazing!! You have to give it a try. My friend tried it and she was hooked! Let me know what you guys think about this cleanser.  xo


  1. omg i think it is what I need! My skin is in deep need of a good deep clean! thank you love<3 -Dulce

  2. You're so welcome darling! Let me know what you think of it once you use it.:)