Thursday, August 8, 2013

Must-Haves, Worth The Buy!

Hello Beauties,
well it wouldn't be right if I didn't share with you my favorite must-haves right now! First, lets talk about exfoliating & how crucial it is for achieving that baby soft skin all year round. I am completely obsessed with Salma Hayek's cosmetic/skincare line called "Nuance" because all her products are made with organic ingredients that won't irritate your skin. I recently bought her body scrub called "Walnut Body Scrub" It contains Acai, Annatto Seed, & Rice Bran Oils. It creates a rich exfoliation designed to smooth skin's texture & add moisture. It smells so amazing! I love the texture of the scrub because it does not tear up your skin like some harsh exfoliators do. Its texture is creamy & the crushed walnuts are gentle enough to deliberately remove dead skin without leaving your skin red. It's Non-irritating, Allergy tested, Paraban Free, & it's not tested on animals. I bought mine at CVS but you can order online if it's more convenient to you. 

Now let us move on to my other favorite product from Nuance. :) Okay guys so I decided to try a new moisturizer & I must say I am so glad I did! I have really oily skin so sometimes I have to look long & hard for a moisturizer that does not make me look like a greasy mess. It's called "Hydra Light Moisturizing Gel" & let me tell you, a little goes a LONG way. If you have oily skin like myself then don't glob it onto your face. Start off with a dot on your finger & then apply more if you have dry patches on some areas of your face. This moisturizer is so different from any other moisturizer I've ever used because it really has a gel texture. & NO it's not sticky at all. It absorbs quickly into your skin. I would recommend this moisturizer for girls & women with combination skin.  I bought this at CVS as well.

I hope you guys love these products just as much as I do. Let me know if any of you guys try these products. xo

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