Monday, August 19, 2013

Do you want thick & long eyelashes?

Hi beauties, so people always stop & ask me if I'm wearing "fake eyelashes." When I tell them that my lashes are naturally long they start laughing at me. Well, just like how you'd take care of the hair on your head you have to take care of your lashes to prevent them from falling out. A couple years ago I came up with an eyelash serum to keep my lashes long & strong. I can happily say that my lashes are still growing because I've been taking care of them. I've also used this serum on my eyebrows help make them grow fuller and thicker. Here's what you'll need to make the serum:

-Organic cold-pressed Castor Oil

-Organic Coconut Oil

In a clean bottle, mix these two oils together. Make sure that you have 50/50 of both of the oils in the bottle. Every night after you've washed your face apply the serum with a q-tip to your lashes and eyebrows. Wash it off in the morning as usual. You will end up with thicker, darker, longer, & healthier lashes & eyebrows. Keep in mind that coconut oil solidifies quickly so right before you dip the q-tip to apply it to your lashes make sure to hold the bottle underneath some hot water so the coconut oil has time to melt. You can order castor oil from amazon & You can find organic coconut oil at Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Market, and most Indian stores.

Hollywood’s most captivating Beauty quirks:


You'd think Elizabeth Taylor already won the grand prix of genes with her otherworldly beauty, but Mother Nature was extra generous to the violet-eyed icon. She was born with a rare genetic condition called distichiasis, giving her an extra row of eyelashes. Producers often told the leading lady to remove extra eye makeup for non-glamour photos—but no, those fluttering lids were au natural. The disorder can have certain side effects which include misdirected growth, but it seems Miss Taylor only reaped the benefits of her built-in falsies. We're both envious and captivated.

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