Sunday, March 2, 2014

Elizabeth Arden Radiance Blush

Hi beauties,

I hope you're all doing wonderful. Recently I splurged on this gorgeous blush by Elizabeth Arden...I usually don't spend too much money on blush, but I walked by the aisle and my eyes locked with this beautiful blush. It's a peachy pink blush with a hint of golden shimmer to it. The shade is called "Romantic Rose 06." It contains a lot of product and the packaging is so gorgeous. It's $'re worth it! It feels great to splurge on something once in a while. It adds a nice color to your complexion without making your cheeks look too pink. It comes in 10 beautiful shades that you can choose from. I am excited to try more makeup products by Elizabeth Arden. If you are looking for a blush that'll make you look like a glamorous goddess then this blush is for you. xo,default,pd.html?dwvar_1002BFBC400_color=e0858a&start=1&q=radiance%20blush&navid=search

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