Thursday, February 19, 2015

Garnier Clean Makeup Removing Lotion

Hi beauties, so who loves spending 30mins taking off their makeup?! I do..I do..said no woman ever! haha No seriously...sometimes I come home from work and instantly feel miserable that I still have to take off my makeup before I go to bed. I recently made a trip to CVS because I needed a makeup remover that wasn't too harsh on my skin. Sometimes these makeup removers strip down your skin of its natural oils and your skin starts to feel dry, irritated, and tight. Not good! I purchased Garnier's Clean Makeup Removing Cleanser, and must I say...I'm pretty impressed. I was so incredibly tried the night that I used this makeup remover...I mixed the lotion with water and made a mess. You have to gently massage this makeup remover into your skin until you feel like your foundation has been loosened up. After I massage this lotion into my skin with my hands I grab a cotton pad or two to gently wipe off all my makeup. You can even dot this product onto two cotton pads and leave it on your eyelids for a couple seconds and gently wipe it off.  After you've gently taken off all your makeup cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser and you're good to go. This product is a complete bargain (only $7.99)

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